• Full insurance
  • VAT (21%)
  • 24 hours customer service support on call
  • Contracted Kilometer

* Extra charges apply per 1 kilometer mile increase = 1.75 EGP

  • The lessor must have a valid driver’s license and be valid during the agreed lease period.

  • The lessor must be more than 23 years of age and at least two years of seniority in the license.

  • Only original driver’s licenses will be accepted.

Send the following documents:

  • Duration required / vehicle type / airport of arrival.
  • Picture of Flight booking.
  • Picture of passport.
  • Picture of the national number.
  • Picture of driving license (Egyptian or international).
  • Egyptian phone number to communicate (if available).
  • 50% down payment, confirmation of reservation and the rest of the amount upon arrival at the airport.
  • What’s app NUM: 00201010205002
  • Sign a lease contract.
  • Signature of the receipt of a car.
  • Car Report Report.
  • The origin of the passport.
  • Copy of the national ID card.
  • Copy of Egyptian or international driving license.
  • Without signing a bank check or guarantee receipt.
  • Minimum rental period is 15 days.
  • Any delay on the date of delivery of the car will automatically be calculated on a new day.
  • Payment Terms:
  1. 50% of the value of the rent shall be paid within 72 hours of sending the booking confirmation to the customer in order to confirm the seriousness of the reservation.
  2. The rest is paid in advance upon receipt of the vehicle.
  • Payment method:
  1. From abroad, transfer is available for bank accounts or Western Union.
  2. Direct payment at the company’s headquarters.
  3. Cash payment for the rest of the reservation payment and delivery time at the airport.
  • In case of accidents:
  1. Immediately notify Gulf Express and make a record of the police department of the area of ​​the accident and inspect the scene.
  2. Complete compliance with the rules and laws of the Egyptian traffic and the prescribed speeds and in case of exceeding the speed of the car graduated from the comprehensive insurance coverage and the incident (recklessness and destruction deliberately).
  3. The vehicle is equipped with a comprehensive tracking device and monitoring of speeds and movement, and the report issued is the sole reference of the company.
  • Coverage ratio in comprehensive insurance:
  1. Accidents (God forbid) from 80% to 90% of the value of repair, spare parts and factories.
  2. Fire (God forbid) from 50% to 60% of the value of the vehicle installed in the document (apply terms and conditions).
  3. Robbery by burglary (God forbid) from 35% to 40% of the value of the car in the document (apply terms and conditions).
  4. There is no insurance coverage for the value of the period of the car’s repair or any accident and the tenant bears all the required amount.
  5. Mechanical malfunction in the car is not subject to comprehensive insurance coverage and the customer bears full responsibility and the cost of repair at the discretion of (Gulf Express).
  • The car is at the disposal of the lessor and may not be driven by any other person, regardless of the kinship.
  • The landlord must maintain the car and abide by all the rules of the Egyptian Traffic Law and abide by the prescribed speeds of the Egyptian roads.
  • During the term of the contract, the lessor shall be responsible for the use of the vehicle, penalties, fines and other violations of the Traffic Law and the general legal system.
  • The lessor must provide a security place for the car’s garage and stand in the official parking spaces and public garages.
  • All the cars of the company are subject to periodic maintenance and the customer has the right to experience the car before receiving. The client’s signature on the contract is a confirmation of the receipt of the car in excellent mechanical condition and any problems that may appear in the case of the mechanical vehicle at the time of returning the car. The customer alone will bear the cost of repair and not covered in the comprehensive insurance policy.
  • The car operates on petrol 92/95 only and bear the tenant alone all the damage resulting from the use of different types of gasoline.
  • Return the car at the same level of gasoline index at the time of receipt and in case of lack of indicator on the customer pay the value of gasoline.
  • The down payment is not refunded; this amount is considered as compensation for cancellation of the booking.
  • In the case of early termination of the lease contract by the client does not recover the remaining amount of the unused period.
  • Auto rental periods are not renewed or extended automatically. The request to extend the lease period is treated as a new booking and subject to availability and new prices.
  • The name on the confirmation of the car reservation should be the same as the person driving or renting the car at the time of receipt.
  • Transportation service to and from the airport.
  • Luxury cars for weddings.
  • Special rates for long term rental.
  • Online reservations (